Our Services

We provide financial planning, investment management and tax preparation services for clients of all levels of income and net worth. We have particular experience, however, in working with physicians and other healthcare professionals, as well as special needs clients with physical or mental limitations.

We would be happy to create a comprehensive financial plan for you. Alternately, with no minimum fees, our services are well suited to help medical residents and young professionals who do not have the resources or incomes to meet the minimum fees required by other firms. You decide the scope of services you want or need.

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Determination or clarification of financial objectives

Many people have only a vague or general sense of how to plan for short term and long term financial goals. We’ll work with you to create a concrete action plan to ensure you understand your objectives and are maximizing available opportunities.

Investment selection and management

After a basic framework for an overall financial plan is in place, we will help you select appropriate investments on your tolerance for risk and need for return. We will ensure you understand the reasoning behind our suggestions and will design a long-term plan which requires minimal maintenance. Of course, we can continue to work with you to provide ongoing investment management and financial planning as needed.

Tax planning, analysis, and preparation

Utilizing all approved methods in order to minimize income tax and investment taxes are a key component of any financial plan. Tax laws seem to change every year, and even a small adjustment in your financial situation can bring a new set of tax issues into play which did not previously apply to you. We’ll make sure your investing and savings plans are tax efficient, so more money stays in your hands, working for you.

In addition, we provide tax-preparation services for those who have relatively straightforward situations. If you prepare your own taxes, we can review your forms or provide other tax-preparation assistance prior to filing. We will refer you to a CPA or enrolled agent if your tax-preparation needs are anything other than routine.

Optimizing your ability to save for retirement

Health-care professionals start their careers later than most, and often don’t begin saving until their training is complete. There are significant challenges in saving for retirement during a compressed earning career, particularly in the face of student loan debt. We will provide a concrete plan for maximizing your earnings and savings potential while leveraging any tax-advantaged accounts (such as 401ks, 529 plans, etc) in the most effective way possible.

“Crisis” planning due to unexpected life issues such as job loss, sudden illness, or divorce

Even when a good plan is already in place, a sudden change in circumstances can change your outlook dramatically. These situations often require a quick reevaluation of your plans, and a change of course. Unfortunately, the time and ability to focus on a new strategy is particularly limited during these times. We can be a partner and a resource for you, to ensure you have a plan quickly in place which addresses your new needs.

Selecting among employee benefits (health insurance options, retirement plans, flexible spending accounts)

Most employees have access to employer benefits such as 401(k) or 403(b) plans, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, dependent care benefits, health/vision/dental insurance, and many others. The names and terminology surrounding these benefits can be confusing or not standardized. Human resource departments often do not provide you sufficient information to make informed decisions about your eligibility and the pros and cons of these benefits. We will help you understand the available options, particularly if there are ones which are uncommon or unfamiliar to you.

Education Costs

College costs have been increasing more rapidly than inflation, and represent a major cost for those who wish to pay for their childrens’ education. We will help you calculate how much to save in order to be ready by the time your children finish high school, and the best mechanism for doing so (for example, via 529 accounts, Coverdale Education Savings Account, or some other arrangement).

Estate planning

Estate planning is not reserved for high-net worth individuals or estates that are subject to estate taxes. It refers to all aspects of your financial life after you or your spouse are no longer around or are unable to manage your own affairs, which is particularly important if you have children or other individuals who depend on you. We can help you figure out what you need regarding wills, living trusts, health care proxies or powers of attorney and life insurance, and refer you to an estate planning specialist if needed to help coordinate these important issues.

Cash flow and debt management

Although aggressively paying off student loans or other debt is rarely a bad idea, there may be instances where it makes sense to take advantage of other opportunities. Sometimes there is not simply one right answer. We can “run the numbers” with you and help you make a plan based both on the “math” as well as your personal feelings about risk and debt.

Risk management and insurance needs

For high income professionals, the most common ways in which best-laid plans become derailed are disability, premature death and legal liability. We will review your situation and help ensure that you have the insurance coverage you need. Because we have no financial stake in any product, and no financial relationship with insurances companies or agents, we provide unbiased advice about which policies are in your best interests, and help you identify an insurance agent for further guidance.


Budgeting is the simple concept of determining your income and expenses, and then keeping your spending within the parameters you set for yourself. However, a budget can be a moving target, particular during financial transitions such as going from a medical residency to a “full-salary” position. Let us help you figure out what your new situation truly represents, by calculating your spending capacity for both “wants” and “needs” after accounting for taxes, fixed costs, retirement goals, etc.