Sotirios Keros, MD PhD

Sotirios Keros, MD PhD


Sotirios Keros is the sole owner of STKeros Financial Planning, LLC (aka STK Planning). He has been giving advice and financial presentations on taxes, investing, and financial planning since 1998 to medical professionals and research scientists. STK Planning is a licensed Registered Investment Advisory firm in New York and South Dakota, and and a licensed tax-preparer in New York State, but can work with clients in most states.

Important details about STK Planning can be found in our “ADV Part 2A”.

Sotirios occasionally posts at his blog called “Musings on Medicine and Money” where he writes on a variety of issues related to personal finance and medical education, and is also co-founder of the brand new not-for-profit “DOCTORED MONEY” personal finance site. 

Here is a copy of his academic curriculum vitae.

Why Financial Planning?

Sotirios founded the firm in response to observing his colleagues, residents and students being ill-served by the current high-fee or commission-based advisors which are typical of the financial services industry.

As a physician, Sotirios’s passion is in educating patients and families about their health conditions, as well as in teaching medical residents and medical students. Recent trends in health care have made it increasingly difficult to devote time to medical education, and to spend time with patients and families. Thus, he founded STK Planning as an alternate way to help the industry:  by helping to teach other health care workers the best way to handle their finances.

Sotirios believes that if physicians have a reliable and trustworthy person guiding them to make prudent decisions with their life’s goals and financial plans, they will have more time to devote to their primary interests. In his many years of helping others with their finances, he has found that financial planning is rewarding in a very similar way to his work with patients and in medical education.

STKeros Financial Planning, LLC (STK Planning) is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm based in New York State. While STK Planning can work with clients in most states, all information on this website is intended solely for residents of New York and South Dakota. Tax preparation services are available to residents of South Dakota and New York State.